Animated soccer drills
Playname: Possession 6 v 2
Skill Practice -
• 6 attackers vs. 2 defenders in a 40m x 30m grid
• attackers pass and control to keep the ball from defenders
• "free" attackers help player in possession by getting into space to receive pass.

Coaching points -
1) accurate passing with firm pace
2) control ball in on-touch if possible
3) communication: eye-contact; calling for ball if in clear.
4) angles for support positions
5) find and use passing channels

Additional ideas -
• Use different colored pinnies for each 2 players
• Defenders replace pair who lose ball or lose control
• Consider 7 passes without a defender touch a goal, defenders do jumping jacks for goal, and then play continues.  If possession loses ball, all 6 will do jumping jacks (great way for coach to see success in the drill where more than one rectangle is going.
Drill submitted by: Michael Murphy
Sub category: Passing

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