Animated soccer drills
Playname: Triangle pass and finish
Teaching aid requirements:
• 3 markers
• 2 balls

To improve our passing skills and finishing at goal as soon as possible.
Coaching points:
Server (Player 5) must give a good pass between the markers.
Attention to the distribution of the ball, strength and position of the foot to give a good pass.

Receiver (Player 2) must make a good run towards the inside of the triangle.  He must receive the ball on the run.  Therefore, he must go before player 5 makes the distribution of the ball.
Coaching points:
Using as much as possible 1st touch football, player 5, must start running into space right after the pass to player 2.

Attention must be paid to the run.  The run must be towards the goal post at an angle and not straight.

Attention must be paid to the good distribution of the ball of player 2.  The pass must be in front of player 5, strong enough so that player 5will be able to receive it in time.
Coaching points:

The finish
Attention to the goalkeeper position to close the angles.

Player 5 must try to finish with a good shot before the goalkeeper closes the angle.
You can add a defender to start running from the goal post.
Drill submitted by: Joe Hili
Sub categories: Passing, Offense

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