Animated soccer drills
Playname: 7v7 game for overlapping
Pitch 60x40 yds
• Divide pitch into three vertical zones; 2x10 yd Wing Zones and 1 x central zone of 20 yds

7v7 + Gk's
• Play as normal, except wing zones must have only 2v1 in favor of attacking team at all times
• Goal can only be scored in an attack that has performed a successful overlap play

Play the ball on the wings to take advantage of 2v1 situation to play overlap
Key Factors:
Width and Depth; there are more defending players in the middle than on the wings, so get the ball to the wings quickly (Shape)
• 2v1 situation on wings, player in possession of ball (Trigger)
• Deep player overlaps player with ball (Action)
• Player with ball passes into path of overlapping run when overlapping player gets past 1st attacker's shoulder (Reaction)
• Pass and run must be done fast to make sure that defender doesn't track run (Timing)

Allow 2v2 in wing zones
• Work on 2-Pass Overlap/Three Man Moves
• Remove Zones and use rule that goals only count on attacks containing overlapping plays
• Work on using the overlap as a Dummy Run
Drill submitted by: Eric McGrath
Sub categories: Possession, Offense

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