Animated soccer drills
Warming up
Playname: 5 player passing
In groups of 5 with 1 player in each corner of a 10 x 10 square, and the fifth in the middle.  See diagram

There are two balls (starting with 1 and 2) and player 1 passes the ball to 5 who passes the ball to 2 who passes to 3 who passes to 5 who passes to 4 who passes to one.  The two balls are going at the same time (As 1 passes to 5, 2 passes to 3) so the player in the middle has to be constantly moving and getting his body opened up properly.  Each pass has to be hit to the correct foot at the correct time. Each player is in the middle for one minute.

This exercise emphasizes proper passing and gets the players up on their toes with lots of body movement.

Coaching Points Passing
1.Accuracy/Eye on the ball.
3.Part of foot & ball.
    6.   Communication (Verbal & Eye Contact).
Drill submitted by: John Mc
Sub categories: Passing, Communication , Accuracy

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