Animated soccer plays
Playname: 3-zone direct play
Pitch 60x40 Yds, 7v7 + Gk
• Divide Pitch into 3 20x40 Horizontal Zones (Def/Mid/Att)
• 1 Ball, 2 teams

Play 2-3-2 formation
• Strikers and Sweepers must stay in the end zones
• Midfielders can move between all zones
• Strikers act as pressuring defenders when attacking team has ball in their zone
• Ball must be touched at least once in midfield zone by team on attack for goal to count

Make a shot on goal with as few passes as possible between winning the ball and shooting
• Support through the midfield and in the attack quickly and with numbers, making runs into space
• Turn 1v1's into 2v1's quickly
Key Factors:
Get Wide and Deep as soon as ball is won - use the wings as the first pass out of defense (Shape)
• Midfield players getting forward and wide into space, Strikers locking up Defenders (Trigger)
• Play the ball into midfield and into attacking 1/3 in 2 passes or by fast dribbling (Action)
• Strikers turn defenders and shoot, or lay off for midfielders to shoot or cross to back post (Reaction)
• Move must be done quickly and accurately; space is the key, so look for players in most space and get the ball to them fast (Timing)

Allow direct attacks when ball is won in attacking 1/3; goals scored in this situation count double
• Allow full movement of players but ball must still be touched in the midfield third for goal to count
• Slowly remove restrictions as players become used to the idea until you gain the same actions in free play
Play submitted by: Eric McGrath

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