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Playname: 2v2 in box with support
2v2 In Box With Support - Match Condition

About 20x35 yards
2 teams 2 color pennies
10 cones
12 - 16+ Players
Extra balls

To teach players to play the pass early and to play the simple ball also to receive the ball to space with first touch.

Passing - Accuracy, weight of pass.
Receiving - Proper surface, first touch to space.
Vision - Get your head up after receiving the ball.
Decision making - Go for the 3 points or 1 point and keep possession?  

The Game:
Player 7 passes to player 2 then takes his/her place outside the box.
Player 2 can pass to player 6 or any "round" player outside of the box.
A bad pass to an outside player is a turnover.

After the player's figure it out add keeping score.
1 point for passing to an outside player.
3 points for connecting with your teammate inside the square.
Add touch limit for advanced players or to force earlier passes.

Coaching Points:
• Receive the ball out to space away from the defender.
• Don't get the ball caught under your body when receiving the ball.
• Pass early don't drag the defender into your teammate.
• Stress keeping possession.
• Play the ball the way you are facing.
Submitted by: Peter Massa
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