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Playname: Head man the ball
Start the drill with the Coach playing the ball for the Goaltender to handle.
The Goaltender then rolls or throws the ball to the side where the Defender meets the ball.
The Defender turns up the field with the ball and looks for the Midfielder.
The Defender passes the ball ahead to the Midfielder and then joins the Midfielders line.
The Midfielder turns up the field with the ball and looks for the Forward.
The Midfielder passes the ball ahead to the Forward and then joins the Forward line.
The forward advance to the edge of the box with the ball.

After the second pass the Coach can serve the next ball to the first Goaltender.
The forward takes a hard shot from the edge or just inside the penalty area and then heads back to midfield.
The second goalie retrieves the shot and punts the ball deep.

The first goalie has passed the ball to the next defender.
The forward retrieves the ball the goalie has just punted,
returns it to the coach, and joins the defenders line.
Submitted by: Jim Dunlop
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