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Playname: Modified soccer tennis
This is a modified version of soccer tennis.

This is a non-competitive game. The 2 teams are supposed to work together to keep the ball in play.

It can be set up with any number of players, but 1-4 seems to be a good number.

It's a simple game, but one that can get fairly complex. Also, the teams have to work together so they tend to enjoy that as opposed to competing against their teammates all the time, especially younger players.

Ball must stay in the larger square. If it leaves the square the game stops and is restarted.

The 2 teams stay on opposite sides of the square, but players are free to move around in and outside of their side of the square.
Ball is started (and re-started when the ball goes out) from the end line. It is passed through the goal in the middle of the square and needs to be passed in a manner (accuracy, weighting) that allows the other team to pass it back one touch. For younger players you can use 2 touches.

Each person must take a turn in order, so sometimes there will need to be quick movement out of the square to get out of the way of your team mate.

So first player plays to first player on the other team.

Then player one on second team, passes to player two on the other team.
This continues as long as the players can get the ball safely through the goal to the other team.

Eventually the ball starts to go 'sideways' through the goal and so it teaches the players about weighting and accuracy of passes. Also develops a sense of awareness because they have to pay attention to what's going on in the square.

In some cases players will have to work to keep the ball in play. This is realistic.

As well they are forced to use both feet.

And it's fun!

As a competitive progression, you can set up 2 grids as described and one set of players (the 2 teams as described) can compete against another set in another grid to see who can keep the ball in play the longest.
Submitted by: Ray MacNeil
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