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Playname: Possession to c-attack, 4v2
2/3 of Pitch, One full Goal.
• Team divided into Defenders and Strikers a tGoal-end with GK, Midfielders at Grid end.
• Grid at Half-way line (20x20).
• GK in Goal, 1v1 Defenders v Striker, 4v2 Midfielders.

4 midfielders play possession until DM can play a split-pass to AM between 2 Defenders. AM plays first time to open Winger who plays first-time to CF. CF goes 1v1 with defender while Winger follows pass to make 2v1. Drill ends with shot; players rotate in their groups.

Key Factors:
Rotate the Wing-to-Wing to split the defenders.
• Play the split pass when it is on.
• First time to wing, first time forward.
• Follow with pace into space.
• Shoot at the right time.

Change numbers in Midfield grid to reflect Midfield formation.
• 5v2 for 5-man Midfield, 3v2 for 3-man Midfield, etc.
Progress to having 2v2 Def v CF.
Submitted by: Eric McGrath
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