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Playname: Tjech 2
Practise passing in movement.

8 or more players, 6 or more balls

The basic thought is pass and follow the ball.

So 3 passes to 5 and follows the pass.

1 passes to 7 which will make a lay-up and 1 will go to the start point of 7.
Player 7 gets the ball and scores a goal and goes to the loose balls in the corner.

In the mean time 5 passes to 2
Now it starts all over again.

Player 4 passes to player 1 and follows the ball.

Player 8 gets the pass from player 6 to make a goal.

6 goes to the midline behind 5.

At the sametime player 1 goes to the corner of 6, making sure he goes after 8 has crossed his path.
To make it a bit smoother you can add a player in the top right corner.

Or place a goalie in the goal.

Also you can play the other way around.

Movement of the players is the same as in sequence 2
Submitted by: Jes-Soft
Sub categories: Shooting, Warming up

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