Animated soccer drills
Playname: Gate passing
Develop passing skills (including communication and vision) and movement without the ball.

Divide players into 2 groups.  Each group will start on one half of the grid.

• Players must receive the ball, pass it to another player in the grid and then switch sides of the grid by running through the gate.  
• After switching sides of the grid the player must get open for a pass and repeat the process.

• Start with 2 balls on each side and increase the number of balls to increase the difficulty.
• Remind players to be constantly moving

• Grid size depends on number of players
• 30x40 for 14 players (use different color cones for the gate)
Encourage players to call for the ball and ensure that the player they are passing to is expecting the ball (some players may try to just kick the ball and switch without actually performing the passing skills we are trying to practice)
As you increase the number of balls on each side of the grid, players will have to use more communication skills.
Drill submitted by: Jonathan Graf
Sub categories: Warming up, Possession

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