Animated soccer drills
Playname: Pass and move
Tools required:
• 2 Markers 1 ball, 6 players.

• So that players will understand that when they pass they have to move to a different area of the ground to find space where they can support their teammates.
• So that players will understand when to pass and where to pass
• So that children will understand that in football we have to create triangular passing rather than square passing.

Coaching Points:
Good passing- distribution of the ball
• Good receiving of the ball - never stay in a square position
• Good run to create angles.
Coach to monitor the strength of the pass
• Coach to monitor the distribution technique using the inside of the foot.
• Encourage the use of both feet by changing direction of play
• Coach to monitor the good run.
Start of clockwise using the inside of the foot
• Progress to anti clockwise using inside of foot with the left
• Limit the number of touches
• Remove markers and make all six players to run on the move
• Introduce 1 opponent to make it look like a real game situation
Drill submitted by: Joe Hili
Sub categories: Ball control, Possession

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