Animated soccer drills
Playname: 1v1 receiving and turning
15x10 yd Grid
• 4 Goals, 1 in each corner
• 2 playing, 2 resting/serving

1v1 in grid
• Take turns to attack, switch players and servers after some time
• Server serves into player who tried to turn defender and dribble through one of the two goals

Try to receive ball to feet, turn defender with change of direction and pace to score in one of the 2 goals

• Key Factors:
Lock up defender, push up to gain Depth (Shape)
• Eye contact with receiver, body open to receive and turn left and right (Trigger)
• Ball is passed to foot furthest from defender (Action)
• Player receives, and feints to one side to turn in the opposite direction; once around defender, accelerates towards nearest goal to score (Reaction)
• Move must be done with a change of direction and more importantly a change of PACE - once the defender is beaten, keep up the pace to outrun defender (Timing)


• Player must pass through goals to score
• Vary heights of delivery for different reception surfaces
Work on defending the turn
Drill submitted by: Eric McGrath
Sub category: Offense

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