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Playname: Possession, penetration & movem
• This drill works on possession, penetration and movement off the ball.

• The numbers can vary but the example I am going to use is for a team with 16 players.  It's a 50 x 30 area with a midfield line.  3 X's and 3 O's are on each side and there is a server on each of the four sides.  See diagram (1) for set up.

• If the X's on the start with the ball, they try to maintain possession in there half of the field for 5 passes (this number can vary as well).  It's 3 v 3 in the middle, but they can use any of the S's on their side.  If the side S's move properly, this should turn into a 6 v 3 with plenty of width and depth.  The players in the middle are limited to 2 touches and the S's are limited to one touch.   Once 5 passes have been made successfully, they try to find one of the X's on the other side or they can find the S on the far end line or a side S who has moved down the line.  If this is done successfully, the X's get a point.  If it's not successful, then the O's get the ball and try to do the same thing (whichever side wins the ball gets to start with it).
Drill submitted by: John Mc
Sub categories: Passing, Offense

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