Soccer plays and drills
Small sided game
Playname: 3 v 3 with outside support
Small Sided
• Game 30 Minutes plus
• Area 30yd X 40yd Grid or to suit numbers


• Start with three teams of equal numbers and two keepers (Red & Yellow). Dark Blue attacks against Yellow keeper. If they score, they then quickly try to attack the Red keeper if Light blue get possession they attack the keeper of their choice. At this time, the supporting players on the end lines, supporting both teams. The supporting players support for both teams and can move along the end line. They are limited to one touch play for a set time or number of goals. Have an ample supply of balls ready in each net.
Can only score after one time pass from support players.

Coaching Points
• After scoring a goal, attacking players look to attack the other keeper before the defending team has a chance to get organized.

Attacking principles of play.
1. Angle of support (Front & behind ball).
2. Near fare & wide.
3. Communication (Verbal & Eye Contact).
4. Support the player & the ball.

Defending principles of play.
          1. Goal side.
          2. Speed & angle of approach
          3. See the ball & player.
Submitted by: Frank Petti
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