Soccer plays and drills
Offense 4-4-2
Playname: Attacking patterns of mids and forwards
Holding midfielder #4, plays ball into far foot of the outside midfielder #7 and runs to the outside of #7 in an overlap.
#7 carries the ball inside and passes into feet of #10 who is checking back for the ball.
#10 receives in maximum of 2 touches and plays ball into space for #4 to run onto.
# 4 dribbles ball to end line and prepares to serve the ball into the box.

#11 should be moving into a back post position as well as #8 moving toward the penalty spot on a bent run.
#4 preps the ball and serves cross between the top of the 6-yard box and the penalty spot for #9 to run onto to.
#9 finishes the ball in the direction that it came from into the near post either with a volley or a header.
Submitted by: Kyle Vierck
Sub category: Offense

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