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Offense 4-3-3
Playname: Setup offense 4-3-3
Formation Setup Offense 4-3-3

When a team sets up with this formation their midfield must have plenty of stamina and are competent in their area of play. The midfielders have THREE main reasons that the game will depend on.

1. They understand each of their responsibilities as a three man midfield and understand each other.
2. The nominated holding midfielder keeps is position and does the key 'job' of linking play, Being in a position to be the first defender in the back line or the first player in attack.
3. The two 'free' midfielders should be prepared to push forward and press the defense back and help to create a hole for the attackers to exploit.
A typical 4-3-3 attacking move is for the midfielders to push forward as the attackers make their move as well.
Passing the ball around the main attacking force as they stay close but moving forward as fast as possible.

In this play I have held the central forward out wide and slightly further back from the play. This is done for two reasons.

1. The defence concentrates on the on rushing midfielders and the developing attack.

2.  He can pull round the back of a two man screen created by a midfielder and one of the other forwards.

Hopefully this will catch the defence out and create a scoring chance.
The biggest problem with this set up is now visible.....

The middle of the pitch is wide open to be exploited by a breakaway attack from our own attack.

This is where the Holding Midfielder comes into play he must drop back and try and hold the attack up.
The area this player is responsible for is about a third of the pitch; he would expect help from a fast retreating forward line but must hold play up.

'Standing up' rather than diving into a tackle is the best way to achieve this.
Submitted by: Steve Waite

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