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Corner kick
Playname: Gong
Kate(1) takes the Corner kick.

Shelby(2) is primary receiver and moves in to receive the kick.

(If Shelby(2) is completely covered, Sarah(7) is the backup).
Kate(1) passes to Shelby(2) and runs past her to the corner of the penalty area.

At the same time, the 4 attackers move toward the goal with Allison(6) and Shannon(3) criss-crossing to the 2 goal posts.

Sarah(7) moves to back up Kate(1).

Shelby(2) passes to the penalty area line so that the ball and Kate(1) arrive at the same time (Sarah(7) is backup in case Kate(1) doesn't get the ball).
If Kate(1) has a clear shot, she shoots at the goal.
If not, she passes in front of the goal so that Kendall(5) and Amanda(4) can shoot.

Allison(6) and Shannon(3) follow the shot into the goal in case the goalie can't handle it.

Shelby(2) and Sarah(7) make sure that if the ball "escapes" it can be kicked back to their goal.
Everyone gangs up on the goalie.

We "ring the gong" (score a goal).
Submitted by: Jeff Roth
Sub category: Attack

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