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Corner kick
Playname: Low corner kicks
Low corner kicks
• This corner is best used when the defending team is man for man marking. Drag the defenders as close to the goal as possible.
• This drill is shown with no defenders
• Positions
• Player 1 and player 2 stand in the corner ready to take the kick
• Player 3 motions to attack the back post.
• Player 4 looks like he is holding the edge of the area.
• Player's 5 and 6 hold the front post looking to flick the ball on.


• 1 Plays a short sharp pass to player 2. He then crosses low and hard towards player 3's run.
• 2 Traps the ball for player 1 to cross.
• Player 3 makes a run towards player 2 and dummies the ball for player 4.
• Player 4 runs in and shoots first time.
• Players 5 and 6 make distracting runs to the back post.


• Add defenders.
• Placid at first.
• Up to game speed.
Submitted by: John Mc
Sub category: Attack

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