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Playname: Midfield break
Right Back clears to Defending Centre Midfield.
Defending Centre Midfield blocks to control the ball and hold it up.
Attacking Midfield calls while beginning his move.

Defending Midfield hears the call and looks up once he has the ball under control.
Attacking Midfield is pointing in the direction he wants the ball delivered.

Defending Midfield sees the direction of the Attacking Midfield's run, realising he must pass quickly before his man goes off-side.
The Defending Midfield gets his pass away just before the Attacking Midfield breaks the defensive line.

The pass is chipped over the defence into the path of the attacker.
The ball bounces once before meeting the path of the attacker's run.
The attacker's first touch brings the ball down and to the side of the Keeper.
The attacker's shot finds the gap inside the Keeper.

Submitted by: Clay Lovegrove

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