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Playname: Midfield draw
Right Back clears to Defending Centre Midfield.
Attacking Centre Midfield blocks the ball long enough to know he is in space.
He then dribbles fast at an angle to confuse the defense.

The Centre Back leaves the attacker for his Left Back.
The Attacking Midfielder continues his angled run toward the Left Back.

The Left Back begins to be drawn.

The Attacking Midfielder continues a line toward the Left Back, who is drawn inwards, leaving the Right Winger open.
The Attacking Midfield sees that his Right Wing is open and angles a pass into his line of movement.

The Right Wing uses his speed to intercept the ball. The Striker accelerates towards the goal.
The Right Wing sends in a first-time cross to the Striker.
The Striker heads the ball towards the near post.

Submitted by: Clay Lovegrove

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