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Playname: Midfield gap
Centre Back clears to Attacking Centre Midfield
Attacking Centre Midfield blocks the ball long enough to know he is in space
He then dribbles fast at an angle to confuse the defence.

The Centre Back initially moves forward
The Attacking Midfielder continues his angled run toward the Left Back.

The Centre Back then begins retreating, leaving the player for his Left Back.
The Attacking Midfielder continues a line toward the Left Back, who is drawn inwards, but is aware of his winger, and so is hesitant.
The Attacking Midfield sees that the defence are flat and are pre-occupied with the off-side trap.

He then uses his momentum to straighten up and burst through the gap.
The through ball is too short to draw the Keeper out.

It is down to a race for the ball, where the Attacking Midfielder has the advantage of momentum.
Winning the race to the ball, the Attacking Midfielder turns toward the advancing Keeper in order to make him stop and shape for the shot.

This move has also cut in front of the Centre Back who must slow and change directions.

This move also maintains the distance from the Left Back.
A second touch to the right opens up a shot at goal inside the Keeper.
Submitted by: Clay Lovegrove

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