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Goal kick
Playname: Side kick for weak goal kicks
This play has been successful when coaching younger children that do not have the strength to clear the penalty box on goal kicks.   The play is designed to get the ball safely to the Center Midfielder CM, who generally is the fastest and best dribbler on the team, on the side of the penalty box away from a direct shot on goal.

The Right Back RB starts about 5 meters outside the penalty box.  They will run up the sideline as to receive a clearing pass.

The Center Midfielder CM starts directly in front of the goal kick and cuts through the penalty box to the side.

The Right Midfielder RM is about 10 meters downfield from the corner of the penalty box breaks to the corner of the penalty box.
The pass is delivered to the CM at the side of the penalty box.

The CM should have at least a few meters clear from defenders.
The CM dribbles the ball down the sideline until a defender picks them up.

The RM is in support for a 2v1 pass if needed, and breaks for a pass down the sideline.

The RB is clearing the sideline to the center and assuming the center midfield position.  

CB pushes the Defense up and clears the penalty box to the ball side.  

LB positions in the middle of field.

LM move to support in midfield.
CM delivers a pass to RM along the sideline and breaks to Center Midfield for support.

Once CM and RB are in the same zone RB can switch back to defense position if needed.
Ball is now cleared downfield and players are positioned for offensive attack.

Defense can return to support defensive positions
Submitted by: Glenn Rzeszutkot
Sub category: Attack

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