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Playname: Keep away
Players:  2 goalies and as many field players as you wish.

Equipment:  1 ball per field player

Start:   All field players and goalies in side the penalty area.

When coach starts the drill the field players must be in constant motion with the ball under control.

The goalies need to be aggressive in the pursuit of the field players. And remove the ball from the penalty area.
As the goalie takes possession of the ball from the field players, the ball is sent out of the penalty area.

After loosing possession of the ball, the field player leaves the penalty area and is out of the drill.

While waiting for the next drill to start, players can work on juggling and individual moves.
The goalies then purse the next field player and attempt to gain control of the ball.
Again the goalies remove the ball from the penalty area when they gain possession.

If a field player looses control of ball and lets it go over any part of the penalty box, he is out of the drill.

The players, who have lost their ball, leave the penalty area and begin with the exercise of the coach's decision.

This continues until there are 2 players left.

The 2 remaining players can assume the goalie position or restart with the same goalies.  Keeping the same goalies is a good conditioning drill for your keepers.
Submitted by: Barry Jerome

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