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Playname: Switching play
Full SSG Pitch (60x40yds), Two Goals
• 7v7 + Gk's
• Pitch divided into 3 Vertical Zones - 2 x Wing channels, 10 yds wide, and 1 x Central channel, 20 yds wide
• Use 6 x Cones to divide Channels

Play as normal, except attacks should be encouraged down wings

Key Factors:
Play down wings, attack 1v1. Weak side winger moves forward but behind the line of the ball (Shape)
• If 1v1 becomes 1v2, attacker plays a drop pass to the Middle Zone (Trigger)
• Central receiver takes ball across body and switches to opposite winger (Action)
• 2nd winger attacks opposite wing for cross, etc. (Reaction)
• Movement must be fast and one-touch in the middle (Timing)
Show players how to read the Central Defense - when they are stretched, play through them
• Add Wall-Passes with the ST and 2nd WG in 1v1
• Add Overlaps to when the 2nd WG receives the switch
• Add pattern of WG -> ST -> CM -> Switch
Submitted by: Eric McGrath
Sub category: Possession

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