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Playname: The hokey cokey
1 ball.
6 or more players.

The team forms a circle and the ball is given to any player at random.

The player dribbles the ball into the middle of the circle and shouts out the name of one of his team mates.
He then passes to that team mate who repeats the process.

This continues for 10-15 minutes with increasing pace.

Each player should find themselves in the middle on several occasions.

The exercise helps the team build up vocal skills as well as passing and vision skills.

The coach is also helped as he can judge a players vocal skills as well as his first controlling touch and weight of pass.
As the play progresses the keeper should be involved.

The keeper is the only player who has a different role in the game. When his name is shouted he must drop to one knee and pick up the ball.

The keeper then runs into the circle, calls a players name and rolls the ball to that player before returning to the perimeter.

This drill should be practised regularly and the tempo of the drill should not be allowed to drop if improvement is to be made.
Submitted by: Wayne Cook
Sub category: Warming up

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