Soccer plays and drills
Warming up
Playname: Twist and shout
Balls Required: 3-4 depending on speed and ability
Players Required: Usually involves the whole side, but works best with at least 6-8

Make sure that all players have stretched well prior to this exercise.
All the players must begin in the start position shown by player 1, and all those waiting must keep jogging on the spot throughout the exercise.
The goalkeeper rolls a ball to player 1 who must dribble through the cones to the penalty box, through the marker saucers to the other side, at which point the goalkeeper rolls another ball to the next player.
Player 1 must then dribble through the cones in the direction shown and get into a straight on shooting position, before firing past the keeper and running to the opposite corner, continuing to jog on the spot when he gets there.
After the team has completed this exercise, the goalkeeper must run through the same course but without a ball at full speed, ending up running through his own goal and meeting his team mates who have sprinted from the corner to join him.
Submitted by: Wayne Cook
Sub categories: Dribbling, Shooting, Possession

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